Congratulations on completing your degree at Anderson!


There are a few important tasks you must complete between the time you graduate and when your student accounts are deactivated and deleted.


For MBA and PhD-degree students, this must be done before OCTOBER 15th.


For MFE and MSBA-degree students, this must be done before MARCH 15th.



Step 1 - Activate your Lifelong Email Forwarding (LEF)


Your Anderson email account will remain active until the date listed above. As soon as your Anderson email inbox is deleted on the date listed above, your Lifelong Email Forwarding (LEF) will go into effect. Lifelong Email Forwarding (LEF) ensures that you will continue to receive emails sent to your Anderson email address (@anderson.ucla.edu) after the date listed above. You can set up LEF even while you're a student


Activate your LEF now in your Alumni Profile.


Want additional help? Here is a step-by-step tutorial.


Step 2 - Archive Existing Email and Email Contacts


If you were not already forwarding your Anderson email to another account, you will need to archive your Inbox and emails contact if you want to keep them.It is crucial to do this before your inbox is deleted or your will lose all of your emails. Please archive your inbox well in advance of the due date. UCLA-NUS EMBA students already have their emails forwarded, so you do not need to archive your emails unless you chose to use the Anderson inbox.


Archive your email in Outlook and Mac Mail.


Don't have Outlook? The computers in the E2.14 lab and D2.12, A3.03 Business Centers have Outlook installed.


Step 3 - Get to know your New Alumni Login


Now that you have graduated, you will continue to have access to resources including the Alumni directory, career services, email lists, and events exclusive to UCLA Anderson Alumni. You will need to use this alumni login to access these resources after the date listed above.


Learn more about your alumni login.


Step 4 - Uninstall Educational Software


The licenses of the educational software (e.g. Treeplan, XLStat, etc.) that you were provided dictate that the software cannot continue to be used after your graduation and must be deleted from your computer. Please remove the software before the due date.


How to uninstall Anderson-provided educational software.


Step 5 - Remove Documents from Anderson Cloud Storage


Over your time at Anderson you may have stored documents in OneDrive for Business or UCLA Box. If you would like to keep any of these files, you must save them to your computer before your account is deleted.


Step 6 - Remove Anderson Proxy


The Anderson proxy is a configuration setting on your computer. It must be removed upon graduation.


How to remove the Anderson proxy.


Step 7 - Delete Printers


The Anderson printers need to be removed from your system upon graduation.

How to remove Anderson printers.



Need Help?


Should you have questions or require any assistance - we are here to help!


Email us at sts@anderson.ucla.edu

Leave a voicemail at 310.206.2045


STS Office Hours


Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and congratulations once again on completing your program!